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Children and Adolescents

Children and adolescents face a lot of pressures in our society and at times, it becomes too difficult for

them to handle. For some youth, pressures include poverty, violence, parental problems, and gangs. For

other kids, there issues may be related to religion, gender roles, values, or ethnicity. Some children are

having difficulty dealing with past traumas they have experienced, like abuse and neglect. Sometimes,

children and adolescents struggle with their relationship with their own parents. They feel misunderstood

and feel unsupported. Counseling can assist these problems by helping children and adolescents feel

supported, validated, and empowered.


Individual Counseling

Finding the right therapist, one whom you can connect with, trust, and depend on is so important. Christine

is a compassionate and professional advocate for each individual’s needs, and has a practical, empathetic,

goal-oriented approach to counseling others. She will listen carefully to your thoughts and concerns, and

introduce coping techniques to help you begin your new life with a healthy perspective. Most importantly,

Christine will provide you a safe, encouraging and empowering experience. 



Family conflict can be very unsettling. Our families are our most valuable asset and the most important foundation in our lives. From our family, we acquire our identities, our personalities, and our sense of safety and security. Tensions can arise between generations, spouses, siblings, and significant others. Oftentimes, personality conflicts, misunderstandings, and built-up resentments can ruin the peace in the family which results in behavior problems.


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