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Why I Opened My Private Practice...

About four years ago, I started to feel stagnant at my job and wanted more time and more flexibility. I loved my job, the work environment was great and the pay was awesome. However, the commute was long and tiresome. I wanted to be home more, make more money, be able to take my daughter to her practices, and feel less tired. 


I was hustling: working my 8-5 job as a school-based therapist, being a devoted wife, being a mother raising my two step-sons and 5 year old daughter, pregnant with our 2nd daughter, teaching parenting classes, working towards my 2nd Masters degree in School Psychology, and trying to find ways to make more money. I just wanted more time in my life for my family and I knew I had the potential for it but didn't know what that was going to look like.


Years prior, people had asked me if I would ever consider building my own Private Practice and initially I said no. I was never fully confident in my abilities as a therapist and I knew that it would be solely my responsibility to support my clients. This intimidated me!  I've always had my agency to provide me the comfort of knowing I had additional support to help guide me as a therapist for my clients.


However, I knew I needed to make a change and work towards giving myself more freedom. One day in March 2017, after consulting with several colleagues, I decided to dive in, not knowing what the heck I was doing and how to even get started! It was exciting, scary, overwhelming, tiring but in the end, has been extremely rewarding and I haven't looked back since! And, through that process, I have been able to help a handful of my colleagues and friends in opening up their own private practices so that they can have more income, time, and/or flexibility in their lives! 

I am hoping I can reach and support other therapists through my guidance and step-by-step process so that they can work towards their career and life goals to feel successful and free! 

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